We have supplied food grade fabric to the food industry for over 30 years and have a full understanding of how textiles for direct contact with food must be treated.

Our fabric is used both as decorative food packaging and in food production, for example as a filter medium. 

The natural beauty of our fabric alongside its practicality means it is used in a myriad of ways, including muslin-wrapped Christmas puddings, bouquet garni bag, cheese production – draining and wrapping, lemon wraps and for many other catering purposes.

Our chefs’ muslin is used widely in commercial kitchens.
Muslin is traditionally used for straining jams, jellies, stocks, soups, and yoghurts.
Each batch is certified safe for direct contact with food and the fabric is supplied on a roll for convenience.

Chefs’ muslin

We produce cheesecloth for dairies. Various constructions of fabric are available cut to order.
Each batch of cheesecloth is certified safe for direct contact with food.


Discs of fine mesh chef’s muslin are used by hotels and restaurants to wrap around lemons which are secured with ribbon ties.
Diners can squeeze lemon juice onto their food without the addition of unwanted pulp or seeds.

Lemon wraps

Brands we've supplied

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