We work with beauty clients to create cotton accessories that complement their brand. Our team offers tailored advice to ensure that our bespoke cotton accessories are the perfect accompaniment to any beauty product. All skin contact products are tested to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

Our products are primarily made from 100% cotton fabrics. All our accessories can be washed and reused many times and at the end of their life cycle, 99% of our products will biodegrade within 6 months, the same as orange peel.

The environmental impact of our raw materials, the social and ethical policies within our supply chain and the long lifecycle of our products are central to our decision making.

We are members of the Soil Association and all our organic products are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  Choosing a certified organic product is the most certain and traceable way to ensure that products are made and manufactured in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.  We encourage our customers to specify organic, where possible.

Muslin face cloths are the reusable option for makeup removal.
When paired with a cleanser, simply rinse the cloth under warm water and wipe the cleanser away.
Our face cloths provide a gentle exfoliation, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and thoroughly cleansed.

Muslin Face Cloth

Dual cloths have two differently-textured sides which have been selected to maximise skin care routines.
The terry towelling is soft, holds heat well and is ideal for removing thicker products such as masks.
The muslin side provides a gentle exfoliation to stimulate the skin, giving it a brighter look after removing a treatment.

Dual Cloth

Our cotton rounds are the sister product to the muslin face cloths.
They can be used to apply products such as toners and cleansers and for makeup removal on delicate face areas.
These reusable cotton rounds are a sustainable alternative to single use pads and are available in both muslin and towelling fabrics.
They are available in different thicknesses to suit the products application.

Reusable cotton rounds

Body mitts are perfect to use with a soap or shower gel to give a gentle massage and light exfoliation.
They can also be used for the application of scrubs or self-tanning products.

Body mitt

This soft, spa-style headband keeps hair out of the face during skincare or makeup routines.
The headband has a fluffy, velour finish that feels soft and luxurious against the skin, whilst the velcro fastening ensures a snug fit.


Our terry towelling flannel is a classic, versatile accessory.
Made from a thick, plush towelling fabric, the flannel is a luxurious addition to skincare routines.
The flannel is gentle on your skin and holds on to heat. The warm flannel opens the pores on your skin and then wipes away any dirt and makeup.


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