Our friendly and approachable team will take care of your project, from concept to delivery, drawing on five generations of expertise and the relationships that have been forged along the way.

We have worked with cotton textiles for 160 years, starting from a market stall on Whitecross Street before, in 1864, moving up the road to the premises we still occupy today.

Continuous improvement to the sustainability of our products is at the core of our vision. The environmental impact of our raw materials, the social and ethical policies within our supply chain and the long lifecycle of our products are central to our decision making.

The team

Simon grew up in the family business and unloaded his first lorry at age 14.

Owner & Director

Anna is the go-to person for info on sustainability, from bioplastics to green energy, there’s nothing she won’t sink her teeth into.


Isabel LOVES a process, she keeps the team running smoothly and on track.

Managing Director

Kelly is a fountain of knowledge about textiles, sustainability, and skincare.

Product & Marketing Manager

Anila oversees the Operations across HOLTs so has a lot of weight on her shoulders – and not just when she’s weightlifting at the gym!

Operations Director

Norbert is a spreadsheet master who knows every project inside and out and is happy to help with any tricky questions.

Project Manager

Ieuan started in the warehouse packing our Food orders and now uses his sharp, analytical mind to expertly navigate Excel (like Spiderman swinging through New York City on his PS5).

Supply Chain Manager

Alina is the queen of multitasking, when she isn’t hiking, cooking, camping, or swimming, she still has the energy left to chase down information to keep everything on track

Project Coordinator

Georgina is our resident star baker, the only thing better than her attention detail is her tiramisu!

Supply Chain Coordinator

Carla is incredibily organised and keeps all the differerent pieces and people, involved in our Beauty projects on track.

Sales Operations Coordinator

When Quynh isn’t getting stuck into our accounts, she is dragging her kids out for muddy hill walks!


Dolly is a giant schnauzer who loves to test spare cloths for their tear strength.


The newest member of the HOLTs family, Pippi is a giant schnauzer puppy, when she isnt biting shoes she loves having a cuddle.

Chief of Cuddles

Ludo is a mini schnauzer who will eat anything he can find, including the snacks stolen from your bag.

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